Beta: ImunifyAV 4.3.0 updated

Beta: ImunifyAV 4.3.0 updated

We are pleased to announce that the new updated ImunifyAV version 4.3.0 beta is now available.


  • DEF-7539: [Feature Request] date/time of the last scan of each account
  • DEF-8625: [Feature Request] Report file as false-positive under the “Actions” menu in UI.
  • DEF-7264: Re-design - 1st release


  • DEF-8710: Add support for --with-suspicious flag and suspicious section in reports returned by ai-bolit
  • DEF-9072: Remove ClamAV and hash filter vendors
  • DEF-9075: Remove excessive code from MalwareScanner
  • DEF-9131: Send to MRS files from suspicious section
  • DEF-8405: Process send to MRS events
  • DEF-8406: Process rescan events
  • DEF-8645: Add ability to enable Cloud Assisted Scanning in Imunify360 and ImunifyAV
  • DEF-8646: Cleanup of files blacklisted by hash
  • DEF-8877: Create script/documentation to install latest version of Imunify by-passing gradual roll out
  • DEF-6093: Add ClusterLogics backup backend
  • DEF-6547: Review peewee in_() usage in agent project
  • DEF-6715: Resolve expanded paths before scan
  • DEF-7047: update sentry client in the agent
  • DEF-7079: Bring back splashscreen to webshield
  • DEF-7242: Re-design Imunify - toggles (mostly), checkboxes, radiobuttons
  • DEF-8180: Dashboard - add malware chart (histogram)
  • DEF-8203: Add malicious & suspicious files for rescan when using c/mtime
  • DEF-8249: Clean /var/imunify360/tmp regularly
  • DEF-8254: Default actions on malware detection (Cleanup / Restore from Backup)
  • DEF-8431: Implement Native FM for AV/ AV+
  • DEF-8457: No control panel ImunifyAV - PHP & Python to handle requests
  • DEF-8478: [No control panel IM.AV] auth in agent (PAM) - add RPC method
  • DEF-8514: Increase max sample size up to 8MB on Agent side
  • DEF-8515: Create hook for license check (expiration/installation)
  • DEF-8533: Add information to `doctor` output about agent's opened file descriptors
  • DEF-8537: Separate defence360agent/files to AV and im360 parts
  • DEF-8558: Remove dependencies on im360 package from send_server_config plugin
  • DEF-8582: Last scanning date in scanning results
  • DEF-8585: [No control panel IM.AV] create rpm & deb packages
  • DEF-8587: [No control panel IM.AV] get list of users for agent
  • DEF-8588: [No control panel IM.AV] update deploy script
  • DEF-8611: Refactor accumulate plugin
  • DEF-8623: update imav/im360 dependencies without breaking `yum update` on customer's hosts
  • DEF-8701: Use webpack-manifest-plugin instead of Imunify version in query params for caching
  • DEF-8709: Implement suspicious file detection for ai-bolit
  • DEF-8711: remove CLAMAV & HashFilter
  • DEF-8712: [No control panel IM.AV] hide file upload input and disable that method
  • DEF-8719: Remove dependencies from AV package that not needed anymore
  • DEF-8732: Get rid of cryptography dependency
  • DEF-8743: Default actions on malware detection (Cleanup / Restore from Backup) - UI
  • DEF-8794: Update news RSS link
  • DEF-8798: Remove migration from the main process in Imunify-AV
  • DEF-8839: "Scan only modified files" setting - Agent
  • DEF-8842: Rapid scan integration in the agent
  • DEF-8879: Check how files downloading framework affects memory usage
  • DEF-8893: Remove aiohttp dependency from AV
  • DEF-8933: [No control panel IM.AV] auth - integrate login RPC method in UI
  • DEF-8934: [No control panel IM.AV] add method for reading integration.conf
  • DEF-8935: [No control panel IM.AV] UI e2e tests - run current e2e tests on no-cp IM.AV
  • DEF-8959: [No control panel IM.AV] e2e tests - cover integration points with e2e tests
  • DEF-8966: Do not send to sentry such errors [Errno 2] No such file or directory
  • DEF-8986: [No control panel IM.AV] UI e2e tests - fix failing tests
  • DEF-9002: Fix misprint in tmpwatch command
  • DEF-9021: [No control panel IM.AV] fix upgrade page and cover it with tests
  • DEF-9057: [No control panel IM.AV] optimize agent memory comsumption on cpanel
  • DEF-9058: Dashboard improvements for 4.3
  • DEF-9060: Add parameter to log to stdout
  • DEF-9071: [No control panel IM.AV] display current user name
  • DEF-9085: Create an RPM-test to check integration with ai-bolit suspicious file detection
  • DEF-9087: [AI-BOLIT] Signature format of the binary/blacklisted file should be BL-crc
  • DEF-9101: Make change due to procu2 signature change of blackisted files
  • DEF-9103: [No control panel IM.AV] add root-only "login get" RPC method
  • DEF-9104: Rapid scan integration in UI
  • DEF-9162: Disable autocleanup when AV+ unregistered/expired
  • DEF-9219: Disable ftp integration for upload scan if inotify enabled
  • DEF-9275: Completely remove ClamAV from UI
  • DEF-9341: Use php 7.3 for AI-BOLIT 4.1
  • DEF-9373: [AI-BOLIT] Some malicious files with randomly generated names are not detected
  • DEF-9402: Re-design Imunify - pick checkboxes, radio buttons and switchers from re-design branch to 4.3
  • DEF-9404: Enable Cloud Assisted Scan by default


  • DEF-7857: eula is constantly downloaded from server in AV
  • DEF-8018: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/sudoers'
  • DEF-8177: Cleanup of >1000 files freezes the agent
  • DEF-8298: No progress tracking during AI-BOLIT scan
  • DEF-8504: Reading of non-existent malware file causes a 'quarantine error' message
  • DEF-8569: Change malware found list location
  • DEF-8784: 'weekly' is not one of ['monthlyByDaysOfMonth']
  • DEF-8907: Fix "near "?": syntax error" in malware user list
  • DEF-8927: fix iteration on subprocess out put
  • DEF-8968: Check schema validation
  • DEF-8999: Lock on-demand page until data is loaded
  • DEF-9217: Fix migration 122_cagefs_unmount which has never run
  • DEF-9238: [Response validation] fix "None is not of type 'string'"
  • DEF-9255: [Response validation] None is not of type 'boolean'
  • DEF-9287: Fix plugin icon in DA Evolution skin, "icons grid" layout
  • DEF-9379: Allow enduser to set default_action=CLEANUP
  • DEF-9432: [AI-BOLIT] eicar isn't detected in 4.1.1-2

How to install

To install the new ImunifyAV version 4.3.0, please run the commands:

wget bash --beta

To upgrade ImunifyAV on CentOS/CloudLinux systems, run the command:

yum update imunify-antivirus --enablerepo=imunify360-testing
Introduction to Imunify Hooks
Beta: Imunify360 4.3.0 release

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