Imunify360 is now better than ever at blocking of malicious IPs


The version 3.0 is now available! We have made tremendous improvements in Imunify360 since it was first released a year ago. Based on the feedback collected from our customers, as well as a substantial technological development, our team has been able to ensure that Imunify360 performs better and delivers great Web server protection to our customers.

The latest Imunify360 includes significant improvements such as faster malware scans, better detection of new malware, and four times more of WAF rules. Imunify360 now receives four million security-related events each day with an eightfold decrease in false positives.

Imunify360 is the next-generation security solution built for Linux VPS, Dedicated, and Shared servers. It is powered by AI and uses herd immunity and the six-layer approach to provide total protection against attacks. More information on Imunify360 can be found at
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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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