Dmitry Belomestnykh

PHP malware obfuscation using goto

Imunify’s Malware Intelligence Team has been witnessing an increase in malware samples using the goto programming construct. Here’s a chart showing the recent surge of malware using goto as an obfuscating mechanism.

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Naveen Velusamy

File System Friend or Foe? - How to Tell if a File is Good or Bad

An unlucky upshot of running your own website or online store is that, sooner or later, hackers will add it to their ‘juicy list of prey’. Once in their list, hackers will continuously scan and probe your site for weaknesses, trying to find a way to further their illicit goals.

As a hoster, you’ll have to sift through many thousands of web server files, checking whether any malicious code got in during a suspected breach. This can get tricky, as legitimate software can seem malicious when it’s not, and deleting files by mistake can break your website.

In this article, I’ll describe techniques to help you identify the difference between good files and bad files, that is, between clean ones and infected ones.

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