This month, October 2018, in the US it is the 15th National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Another month, another 'awareness'.

Does this suppose that all the other 11 months we should be less aware? Do hackers make a special effort to be nicer in October? Do they leave love letters on your server instead of malware? Does it help if you live on Tokelau*?

No. EVERY month is cybersecurity awareness month, and every week and every day and every second of every day, everywhere. Because cyber attacks are automated. Hackers are using scripts and scalable tools to do the grunt work, the same way you make scripts to automate tedious tasks on your servers.

Here's a recipe for success this cybersecurity awareness month, and next month too: Automate your defenses, now. Don't wait for next year's awareness month. You can't fight an invasion if you don't know when it's coming. You need all-round protection that protects all-year-round. 


*Tokelau is a small island in the South Pacific with the lowest number of cybersecurity incidents between 1st July 2018 and 14th September 2018. Source: Imunify360 data.