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Proactive Defense

What is Proactive Defense? 


Proactive Defense is our unique technology that detects and blocks malicious execution flow in runtime. When enabled – it analyzes the PHP script behavior and either blocks the entire script execution or just stops the malicious flow. This is crucially important because malicious code is often hidden: obfuscated, injected in the middle of the legitimate file, fetched from the network dynamically, or placed in the database. Proactive Defense detects malicious code when it is executed and stops it before it causes any damage to the server, therefore supporting a concept of Proactive Security – preventing the incidents from happening in the first place rather than dealing with the consequences of a viral attack.


You can find more information on how Proactive Defense works here.


Proactive Defense demo is available as a part of We Know How You Were Hacked webinar

To review the documentation on how to set up and test Proactive Defense, please click here.

Proactive Defense modes in Imunify360


There are several modes Proactive Defense can work in.


Disabled — allows to switch off Proactive Defense, as a result the system will not be protected properly. This mode is not recommended for day-to-day operations.


Log Only — possible malicious activity will be logged only, no further actions performed. This is a default mode allowing you to get an insight on malicious activity.


Kill Mode — the malicious script will be terminated as soon as suspicious activity is detected. This mode grants you the highest level of protection.

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