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Transforming Imunify360
into an infinite revenue stream for hosting companies
Exclusively developed for CloudLinux OS Shared Pro Users
Transforming Security into Profitability

MyImunify is a meticulously crafted solution aimed at turning security from a mere cost center into a powerful revenue generator. With its integration, you can effortlessly offer premium Hosting Plans to your clients, thereby enhancing their protection while increasing your profitability.

Tailored Hosting Plans, at No Extra Cost

Empower your clients with MyImunify‘s ability to add customized security features to their environments as needed. This flexibility allows them to precisely tailor their hosting plans to their requirements, ensuring peace of mind without unnecessary overheads. Your clients will appreciate the personalized options and enhanced protection that MyImunify brings to the table.

Simplifying Hosting Plans and Options

With MyImunify, hosters can easily enhance client security and create a smooth, secure experience. No more complicated plans or options. Choose your level of security with flexible, budget-friendly options. Generate effortless additional revenue with the automatic upsell feature. Say goodbye to hassle, say hello to MyImunify.

Seamless Integration with WHMCS

We understand the importance of a smooth integration process. That’s why MyImunify seamlessly integrates with WHMCS, enabling you to offer enhanced security to your clients without incurring any additional costs or complexities. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Unmatched Support

At MyImunify, we take pride in delivering exceptional support to our clients. Gain access to our dedicated team of professionals, available 24/7, who are ready to assist you with any questions, provide guidance, and ensure your success with MyImunify.

What is the difference between Imunify360 and MyImunify?
Imunify360 is a comprehensive security solution for servers, and MyImunify is a specific feature included within Imunify360. When Imunify360 is installed on a server, MyImunify can be enabled or disabled based on the user’s preference.
What happens if site owners ignore malware and do not buy protection? Will it harm my server?
Imunify360/MyImunify will detect and clean any malware and vulnerabilities that can pose a threat to the entire server, regardless of whether site owners purchase MyImunify or not. However, most web malware primarily affects individual sites. In such cases, MyImunify will notify site owners about the need for protection.
What is the cost of MyImunify?
MyImunify is included with Imunify360. Once you have a valid license for Imunify360, you can enable MyImunify at no additional cost.
Do I need to promote MyImunify to my clients to generate revenue?
It is not necessary to actively advertise MyImunify to your clients. MyImunify has an automated upsell feature that detects malware infections and vulnerabilities, and it will advertise itself to site owners. It will direct them to your hosting company’s billing system to make a purchase.
Will MyImunify protect my server?
Yes, both Imunify360 and MyImunify prioritize server security. They provide essential protection mechanisms against network attacks and corruption, ensuring the server’s safety. However, it’s important to note that while the server is protected by default, individual sites are not automatically protected. Site owners are advised to purchase a full protection product through their hosting company’s billing systems.
How can I purchase or try MyImunify?
MyImunify is a component of Imunify360, so you must first have Imunify360 installed. You can enable MyImunify within the Imunify360 configuration once it is released. Stay tuned for the release date to receive activation instructions.
How will the revenue from MyImunify purchases be allocated?
The hosting company that has MyImunify enabled will receive all the revenue generated from MyImunify purchases.
I already have Imunify360. How can I enable MyImunify?
See instructions here to enable MyImunify.

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