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Imunify360 features: Notifications

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Explore Imunify360 notifications


The administrator can configure email addresses to send reports and execute custom scripts (“hook handler”). For example, the following notification types are supported:

  • Events occurring in each type of scan (real-time scan, user account scan, custom folder scan)
  • Events occurring at different stages of malware scanning process: upon scanning start, finish, when malware is found, as well as in Proactive Defense (upon “script blocked” event)

Each hook can be configured from the UI and the CLI. Depending on the type, a hook can have email notification settings, a notification interval, and some others. It might even be extended with an event handler script. For example, the notification interval could be configured to avoid excessive reporting for “Real-time scan” and “Script blocked” events that occur frequently.

You can find more information about Imunify360 notifications in the related documentation article.


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